bad blogger

2014, as it turns out, is a rather full-on year for this antipodean Canuck. However my intention has never been for this to be a biannual blog…yikes!

Here’s a quick run-down on the year to date:

January/February: summer in NZ so most people (especially those with kids) evaporate into the warm sub-tropical mists. Which means your ability to get things done is blissfully impeded by others (un)availability. So it was perfect for us to move into our new home. Then it was Pride time. Then I turned 50.

March/April: as summer slowly fades work gears up several notches. Our new e-portfolio platform goes live with its first cohorts. There are papers to write and students to supervise and staff to support. Add in the adjustments from apartment living to house living (first time since I was 22). All good, but not restful.

May/June: more projects, more writing, and soon it’s time to travel. Himself and I head to Borneo and Hong Kong for his 50th: whilst diving Sipadan I get my PADI Advanced Open Water certification, including my first night dive and first sub 30m dive. A couple of weeks after we return the resort next to ours is attacked by terrorists (one dead and one kidnapped police officer). Hong Kong is with our bud Marko.

July: After 3.5 days home I got back on another plane, this time for Barcelona and Berlin. The conference in Barcelona wasn’t great (but neither was my paper). Berlin was fascinating, especially being there when Germany won. My flight home passed about 100km north of where MH017 was shot down a mere 24 hours before that tragedy.

 For the balance of the year there’s a major grant to write, possibly pursuing some career development stuff, and the great opportunity to attend ISSOTL14, which is in magical Québec City. Luckily I’ll be able to integrate brief visits to Vancouver and New York to see the whānau. Plus a couple of papers to write.