bonne année

2013 was in many ways a very good year; in other ways it was a challenging one. It started with a 3 month separation from Max (planned and anticipated; still unfun) and a major health scare (complete with major surgery). But it also featured two overseas journeys (Europe/Canada and US) plus several hops to Australia and one to Rarotonga. Adventurous to say the least.

2013 also featured new and deepening friendships, a career tracking rather nicely, and a settling into a new home. It closed with our finding this:

poolside view of our new house

This is our soon-to-be (in a fortnight) new home!  It’s a lovely little former state house: 3 bedrooms 1 bath, plus a great outdoor area and a sleepout. While there’s always a lot one can do with a new home, it is wholly livable when we move in. Very exciting!

Speaking of moving: better start packing!  Happy 2014!