Calibre for e-reader management

I suspect I am rather late to this party.

Recently Lonely Planet had a direct 50% off sale on Cyber Monday. “Woo hoo!” I thought as clicked away to buy a couple of books for upcoming travels. “Oooh, you can get multiple formats too!” I drooled. Thus, having completed my transactions and having downloaded two formats of each book (PDF for reading and annotating in PDF Expert on my iPad and iPhone; MOBI for use on my Kindle) I was rather pleased.

Until I realised I didn’t know how to get the books onto the Kindle, since there’s no support for Google Drive. D’oh! With it being end of the year, workwise, this fell off my radar for a couple of weeks. Yesterday it fell back on and after some googling I learnt that you can email documents to your Kindle, so long as they are in a compatible format. And are a compatible size with your email account–generally less than 50MBs, though Gmail converts attachments larger than 25MB to Google Drive links–buggar.

Then I stumbled upon Calibre, which offers a comprehensive software suite. Among its varying affordances, Calibre allows you to (or helps with):

  1. Convert between ebook formats
  2. Reduce ebook file sizes to enable email loading on your device
  3. Send files to devices via email from within the app itself

And probably other cool things too. But these already tick the 3 boxes for me require.

It’s a bit fiddly, but I managed to get my first Lonely Planet .MOBI book on my Kindle. The file was reduced to over 100MB to just 16MB and it seems to be fully functional.