La démocracie, version néozélandaise

Last weekend New Zealand held its triennial parliamentary election. I’ve previously blogged about the voting system here. After a tumultuous, drama-filled campaign the key results were as follows:

Party Constituency Seats Percentage of Party Vote List Seats Total Seats
National 41 48.06 21 62
Labour 27 24.69 5 32
Greens 0 10.02 13 13
NZ First 0 8.85 11 11
Māori 1 1.29 1 2
ACT 1 .69 0 1
United Future 1 .22 0 1
Conservative 0 4.12 0 0
Mana Internet 0
  1. 26
0 0
Others 0 .81 0 0

Mana Internet went into the election with one seat: had they retained it they would’ve garnered an additional MP from their list. The Conservatives were polling close to the 5 per cent threshold, but some drama in the closing days of the election perhaps knocked them back a bit. The National Party winning isn’t a surprise, but no one-including their supporters–thought they would do this well.

And so the election is over…sort of. There are thousands of votes cast overseas that have yet to be counted. If years past are any indication the Greens will gain a seat (perhaps two), which would be at the expense of the Māori Party’s single list MP and either NZ First or National. The final count is announced on 04 October.