MOOCING: a few noteworthy developments

Already we’ve had a thread shut down because of “gross inaccuracies, uninformed views on _____, and other useless statements.”  But not the thread I would’ve taken down, as it were.

Peer assessment is the main tack: submit one and review at least 5. Rubrics provided. One week to submit and one week to do all 5 reviews. Else 20% deduction from your score. Sounds like they’ll be using calibrated peer review. I intend to do some writing for the course, but it’ll be the first thing that falls off my radar if work/life balance requires it. Early days.

I am trying to be mindful of my role in this course: I’m a student rather than a prof. But I tend to be much more engaged in my own online courses’ discussion forums. But I am also paid to be: it’s still not clear how the “instructor” of this course integrates this into his workload. If at all? But oy, some of the postings are just…wacky.