what’s ‘appening

Trying to keep up with the onslaught of apps is a bit daunting. With smartphones on both of the main platforms (iOS and Android), it could become a maddening prospect for me. So I try to take a zen approach to it–and follow my instincts. Which translates to about 1 out of 10 apps downloaded becoming something I use on a regular basis.

One area that has a surfeit of app offerings is weather apps. There must be dozens available for iOS alone, most of which offer similar functionality. Recently I discovered Weathercube…which is a very cool, functional app.

Using 3D graphics, Weathercube has 3 different default screen modes:

  • Current: details about temperature, humidity, short-term forecast, wind, precipitation. Tap any of these blocks  to get the forecast for morning, afternoon or evening (or back to current conditions).
  • Weekly: OK, the next 6 day forecast to be precise. Tap a block to switch between overall forecast, date with precipitation.
  • Hourly: OK, actually 3 hour increments rather than hourly. But you can glance at overall conditions, temperature and precipitation

In the Current screen you can sweep between cities. To add cities you pinch/flick out vertically, then tap Cities. Pinch/Flick in vertically to return to your Current screen. Pinch/flick out horizontally in the Current screen and you can share the forecast via Twitter or Facebook. Pinch and flick in horizontally if you change your mind.

Weathercube‘s got a lovely GUI that leverages tapping, swiping and pinching. It’s a clean and simple design. Very much worth the $.99 (Canadian app store) price!